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Review of askPETMD app



Raising a pet bird may be fun, but sometimes pet owners may find the task difficult because they cannot explain certain new behaviors in their pets or explain what may be wrong with their pets. To give pet bird parents an easy platform to ask pet professionals all their pet bird questions is the askPETMD App.  The funny story is I found this app when I was searching for a gouldian finch for sale.


Foremost, the app allows Pet bird owners to create personalized pet profiles with details on species, age, gender, weight, species, diet, and photo. Allowing creation of personalized pet information makes it easy for vets and the vets’ technicians to give appropriate answers or information on the pet bird. Unlike other pet care apps, the askPETMD allows users to ask a specific question on their pets rather than search for general information. This does however not imply that the app does not contain general information.


One of the most remarkable features of the app is that it is developed by the team behind PETMD. Notably, PETMD is a globally recognized digital resource for pet information with a vast experience in the provision of veterinary services. PETMD was started in 2008 and now has a website with over 10,000 articles on various pet information.


More so, the app pride on an available 24/7 for users to ask questions on their pets in the event the information they are looking for is not already available on the app. To this extent, users can ask questions on critical questions or ask common questions. The available information is extensive and covers areas such as per bird care and pet bird lifestyle. The apps’ expert team is made of vets, vet techs, pet nutritionists, pet trainers, pet behaviorists and veterinary students. Besides, the app contains comprehensive information on all bird’s species.


In addition to providing pet information, the app contains contacts of veterinarians that users can search by their location. Users of this service are only required to enter their Zip code, and the app displays a variety of results. Further, the app enables users to add the contact of their favorite veterinary as the emergency contact.


As an added advantage, the app is now available for Android devices and IOS for free. It can be downloaded from the Apple App and the Google Play store. The vet answers given are also free.


Finally, the app also provides professional information on the care of other pets including reptiles, fish, dog, cat, Gerbil, guinea pigs, hamsters and much more. However, the information provided should not be substituted for medical care.