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What to look for in an Auto Repair Technician




With the motor industry thriving, auto repair technician isn’t a career that is going out of business anytime soon.When hiring a repair technician,it pays to be painstaking in selecting the best professional.An amateur can cause damage your car.Tips to help you out.

Credentials and qualifications

Inquire from your repair technician about his credentials and qualifications.The best certification comes from Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). It’s the standard certification for determining the competence of an auto technician.The ASE varies on different cars and secondary systems.


An experienced auto repair technician should be busy with cars coming in and out of the repair shop.Ask your savvy friends for recommendations and reviews on the best technician in your area,then go and check them out to pick out who suits your car better.

Check the insurance policies

Auto repair shops require three types of insurance;

General liability

The policy covers for damages against the car while in the auto shop and injuries sustained while in the premise.

Business owner’s policy

Coverage includes shop’s business and property.This is important in order for the business owner to bounce back
in case of tragedy.

Worker’s compensation

This policy should be in place to cover auto repair technicians in case they are injured at work.It covers medical
costs,rehabilitation and lost wages.

The products used

The auto repair technician should use new and quality products.Research about the particular products that are compatible with your car to familiarize yourself with what is needed.


The auto repair technician should be professional and give detailed explanations on the repairs they do. If there are any red flags,walk away.

Ask for warranty on services provided

A good auto repair mechanic guarantees his work and provides warranty for his services.The warranty should be in writing and not a verbal agreement.

You shouldn’t be pressured to choose an auto repair mechanic.Don’t wait until your car needs repair,find a competent auto repair mechanic when you buy a car.