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Review of the iPhone 7


My local branch of Best Buy in Ocala got in a new batch of iPhone 7.  I’m not one of the tech nerds that goes out and gets the newest model the second it comes out.  Before I upgraded to the iPhone 6, I was still stuck in 2009 with the iPhone 3s.  The main reason I decided to upgrade (even though I’ve had the iPhone 6 for barely a year) is the water resistant feature.  I’m an avid runner and I don’t avoid rain when I run.  Running in Florida can be a wet experience since a sudden shower can pop up at any time, and I’ve had my phones experience some very wet experiences.  They always start glitching after they got “slightly” wet.  Now I have to tape them up and basically waterproof them before I go out.  So when Apple announced they would release a new waterproof version, I decided to jump on the bandwagon.

As I said before I’m not a big tech nerd, so I didn’t even know when the new iPhone was released.  My friend who works for an Ocala Search marketing company told me it came out awhile back and to check with local retailers.  I’ve now owned it for a little more than two weeks and with research on what it can and can’t do, as well as my own experimenting, I believe I can give a valid and fair review.  I will list them in the order that I found the most important to me.

Here we go:  

First the Pros:

Water Resistant – Besides protecting me from rain showers when I run, it’s nice to have extra insurance that I won’t drop it in a toilet or puddle (though neither has ever happened).

HD Screen and Sound – It’s amazing how something that can fit in your hand has such definition and pure sound.  I come from an age where to save money I had a small, but heavy black and white tv in my room, and that was twenty years ago.  Our technology advancement has amazed me.

HD Camera – The iPhone 6 camera was impressive and so is this one.  I’m not an avid photographer, but it’s nice that I hold the power in my hand to be a professional photographer.

Quad-core A10 Fusion processor – I don’t know what exactly how this works – all I know it makes the phone run faster!

Now the Cons:

Battery Life Sucks – This thing in all its tech glory drains the battery quick.

Some old Look – I couldn’t decide if this should go on as a con.  Looking the same doesn’t make it work any less.  It’s just I’m tired of the look.  A new, fresh look would be appealing.

No Headphone Jack – I like the wireless capabilities, but if you plan to keep your phone for more than a year (after the warranty expires) everyone knows that the phone starts to glitch, and with me it’s always the headphones, so it would have been nice to have a jack if the wireless capabilities breaks.

Price – The iPhone still ranks as the most expensive smartphone.  There are other competitive models for a fraction of the price.

There you have it – my iPhone 7 review.  If you can afford it (which I used my phone plan to buy it), then if the pros outweigh the cons for you, the iPhone 7 is a great phone.  Below I included a YouTube review that helped me in my research.  Thanks!