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How to Find a Good Plumber



Let’s face it- finding a good plumber has become more difficult than ever. Firstly, all plumbers claim to be the best. Secondly, there are very many of them operating within a small market. Thirdly, intense competition among them has led to some using false advertising or over exaggerating their capabilities. So, how do you find a genuine, good and competent plumber?

Look at the Experience

Like any other trade, a good Glen Plumber will become better at their trade as they gain more experience. A provider who has been in this field for many years is more likely to provide better service that a newly trained or inexperienced plumber. He/she will possess lots of hands-on skills and experience, will have dealt with many problems and will have invested in the best equipment, manpower, and technology.

Confirm the Reputation

You can differentiate a good plumber from a not-so-good plumber by confirming his reputation. What does the public think or say about the company and its services? How often does the provider feature among the top firms? Is the company a member of a reputable organization and is it certified? Such questions will help scout a reputable plumber.


Similar to other businesses, plumbers will always want to be the best. Many will even go a step further and shower their firm with praise of being the best-of-the-best. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true. Some will simply use the remarks to woo a customer. The best approach is going through reviews and reading what previous and current customers are saying. A good company will not only be backed by many reviews but a majority of the comments will be positive. You should be wary of a firm that doesn’t have any reviews or they all seem to come from the same source.


Finding a good plumber shouldn’t be a difficult chore. By following the above tips, you will be able to find a reputable, experienced,
and reliable plumber within a short time. You can also go a step further and follow referrals from family and friends, deal with licensed and registered firms, and confirm that the provider is insured and offers a warranty on the services. Not only will you enjoy the best services and affordable rates, but also have peace-of-mind.