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Top iPhone Social Media Marketing Apps

Whether you hate or love, the one truth stands – social media marketing is essential for a modern business to succeed.  You can spend a few days going through the App store trying to find the best social media tools available, but we have cut through all the bad apps and notified you of the best, so that you can be at your best.


Apple have done an incredible job in marketing your business over an iPhone.  The apps below are the best at automating your social media marketing tasks.  With the apps below, you will be able to see if your brand is being talked about, track any and all customers and clients comments in a way that will ensure you’re effectively marketing your business.


Brand 24


If you’re looking to increase your brand than Brand 24 should be in your arsenal.  Brand 24 is an app that monitors any online chatter about your brand, your product, and even your competitors.  With this kind of information you would be able to engage your customers through easy conversations.

Brand 24 has an great and easy to navigate dashboard that pulls from millions of sources.  If you’re goal is brand awareness you can’t skip Brand 24’s ability to measure key metrics around your brand, your product, and what people think about it.  Pricing starts at $49/mo.







HubSpot is the best app if you run several different social media profiles.  You can keep track of all your marketing campaigns – including landing pages, blogs, and emails – all from one dashboard.  HubSpot also has some of the best CRM features such as automatic updating of every contact you have – all put into your database, as well as detailed contact records.


With HubSpot you can schedule social media postings, as well as compose in real-time.  You also can implement your postings with photos, flipboard, and Safari.  You can also monitor any hashtags, keywords, and receive a push notifications when your keyword or hashtag has been used in a social media posting.


HubSpot is the best app to being able to engage with your social media audience.  HubSpot is on the pricey side, but with all the features and the capabilities, it’s really a no-brainer.  Prices start at $200/mo.