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Microsoft Remote Desktop App



Your iPhone is now not limited to just listening to music, taking calls, watching videos and surfing Internet. With the right business app, your iPhone can be used to update your calendar, take notes and even balance the books of your business. Your business can benefit a lot from this integration and you can manage your business easily wherever you go.


Best business app for your iPhone


Let’s say, you’re a Roofing Wilmington Delaware Contractor, so, what is the best app that you can download on your iPhone which will help your business immensely and bring more power and productivity to it?

Microsoft remote desktop- your Pc in your office probably contains most of your important office documents. But, you cannot carry it everywhere. What if you are outside for a meeting and the need to review an important document arises? Or you are at home working and you need to evaluate your current report with some old report that’s stored in your work PC? Will you go to your office to retrieve it and then return to do your work? That doesn’t sound feasible at all.

Microsoft remote desktop provides you solution to all the above problems. With this app, you will be able to connect your work PC to your iPhone. This will give you access to your work files, data and programs, no matter where you are. This amazing business app is also free of charge and you don’t have to pay anything to download and install it and it also comes without any usage restriction.



How to setup Microsoft remote desktop?


The setup of this business app is not difficult. You just have to download the app on your iPhone as well as on your computer (Mac, Windows 10 and Windows 8). Once the app is installed, all you have to do is add all the details of your PCs on it.

The app is simple, easy to use and very fast. If your PC is turned on, you can get access to the windows easily

It also doesn’t ask you for one time codes or any authorization password every time you want to access your work computer

The Microsoft remote desktop app is one of the best apps available for iPhones. The app is not only easy to install but also use and is therefore a must have for all people who love to work and are enthusiastic to see their business grow and work hard for the same cause.